ZAP-SHOT™ - wireless radio (RF) remote control for Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras

Other than a cable remote switch, the ZAP-SHOT™ ZS-2 gives you full freedom and -compared to an infrared (IR) remote control- it allows you to operate the shutter from any direction and even through walls… …and all this with an amazing range.

Unleash your camera!

The possibilities are endless.
  • self portraits and
    group photos
  • telephoto shots or macros
  • night shots and
    long time exposures
  • trigger multiple cameras synchronously with one transmitter
  • setup multiple cameras and remote control them incon- spicuous from one place
  • release the shutter even when you simply can't reach the trigger - also through walls
  • wildlife and animal pictures
  • hidden shutter release in order to avoid posed pictures (e.g. kids)

100+ ft Range

Set up your camera as close as possible to the subject - while you stay back.
Bird or animal photography in general is a great example where range does make a difference. The ZAP-SHOT™ ZS-2 gives you an amazing 100+ ft (30+ m).

No Line-of-Sight

To make it work, you have to point your TV remote directly to the TV - and it also won't work from the other room because Infrared (IR) remotes need "line-of-sight". Not the ZAP-SHOT™! Control your camera from the comfort of your house / car / RV while the camera sits outside. Or take that group photo without pointing the remote at the camera. Just leave it in your pocket while you release the shutter...

Any Direction

To trigger your camera with an IR remote, you have to point the remote at the IR sensor on the camera... which is in the front of the camera. With the ZAP-SHOT™ you can control the camera from any direction. Front, back, left, right, ...any!

“Like the original ZAP-SHOT ZS-1, the ZAP-SHOT ZS-2 is one of the best wireless remote controls available for the cameras mentioned in the compatibility list."
"If you love macro photography, night photography, long exposures, find yourself shooting group portraits or would enjoy getting into more of your pictures, then I recommend getting one of the ZAP-SHOT remote controls...."
"I reviewed the original ZAP-SHOT ZS-1 RF wireless remote control last October and loved it. The ZAP-SHOT is one of those "luxury" accessories that just might change the way you shoot - forever. Just imagine what type of wildlife shots you could get if you didn't have to stand near the camera or the ability to put yourself into family pictures without having to play "beat-the-clock" against the self-timer - and since the remote uses RF technology you can keep the keychain-size remote hidden from view.”

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