• Simply connects to the remote control terminal of your camera
  • Range 100 ft / 30 m
  • As easy to use as a cable remote switch
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, saves valuable space in your camera pouch
  • Advanced address coding for security and unique transmitter-receiver relationships

Benefits of using the ZAP-SHOT wireless remote

  • Long operating range
  • No hurry to reach the desired position before the self-timer fires
  • You control when the shutter is released, not the self-timer or a 2s delay
  • No line of sight between remote control and the camera required
  • Can operate even through walls
  • ‘Invisible’ since you can fire with your hand in the pocket or behind the back
  • Operates from either direction, not only in front of the digital rebel camera
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Small sized key fob type remote control
  • No telescopic antenna on the remote control

Comparison with self-timer, cable remote and infrared (IR) remote

Find out, what ZAP-SHOT can do better than other remote control solutions:

  Self-timer Function Cable Remote Infrared (IR) Remote ZAP-SHOT
RF Remote
Function Auto focuses at the time when the self-timer is started; not useful if you are the subject

fixed delay time, may be too long or too short

timer indication light / beep may disturb the scene
operates independent from your position, but may show the cable in the picture when making self/group portraits

using a cable is impossible in many cases e.g. in crowded places
must point to camera front

remote may show in the picture (line of sight!) or delayed trigger

slow, no continuous shooting

performance depends on lighting conditions
triggers from any direction, even through walls

You can release with your hand in the pocket or behind your back


...as long as your cable reaches, usually 2 to 15 ft up to 15-20 ft, depends on angle and lighting conditions 100+ ft
Handling build-in function, no extra equipment needed easy to use

you have to carry the cable loop with you, even if you stand behind the camera; wastes valuable space in your camera bag
easy to carry as easy to use as a cable release and easy to carry. The remote is a small key fob type